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    moment of inertia of arigid body


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    m14 moment of inertia of arigid body

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    Moment of Inertia of a Rigid Body

    Based on [2], one can obtain the moment of inertia of a rigid by shown in Figure 2:
    Figure 2
    where ri = the position of particle i, and n = the unit vector of the axis of rotation. Note here that the axis of rotation passes through the local reference frame, the OXYZ system. Let
    where cosa, cosb & cosg = the three direction cosines of vector n to the XYZ system. Substituting [4] & [5] into [3] leads to
    Ixx, Iyy & Izz are called the moments of inertia while Ixy, Iyx, Iyz, Izy, Izx, & Ixz are the products of inertia. For a rigid body, the relative position of the particles do not change and one can write [7] as:
    When the shape and the density distribution of the rigid body is precisely known, one can use [8] to compute the moments and products of inertia. (See BSP Equations for the MOI equations of the typical geometric shapes commonly used in human body modeling.) Otherwise, it is difficult to compute them through integration. Rather, the moment of inertia must be measured directly from the object. See Measuring MOI for the details.

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    m14 رد: moment of inertia of arigid body

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